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We are new back to the cat fancy as I've been away for about 10 years.  However I've been around Himalayans since I was around the age of 14.  This has put me in contact with many great breeders from the past and present.  Such breeders as Virgina Lane of the Purring Lane cattery, and Kay Hughes of the Kaze Khyber cattery.

Both of these breeders helped me a great deal when I was just new to the fancy.  And when we came back our greatest mentor and love is Margaret Gadouas owner of the Dahlias cattery and my husband Ben's Great Aunt, also another great mentor and friend is Diane Castor of the Playwickey cattery. We owe a great deal to both of these great breeders for their advice, friendship, and love.

We are working with great bloodlines of traditional colored himalayans combining them with the best chocolate / lilac lines we know, our end result will be very rare lynx points with great show type.

Combining such great lines like Playwickey, Lake Hyco, Catta, Demiara, and Jolee.  This will produce the rare colors that we specialize in, such as; chocolate lynx points, chocolate tortie lynx points, lilac lynx points, and lilac cream lynx points. The factors we look for in the lines that we use are great coats, great type, very sweet dispositions, and the genes we can use in our special breeding program.

We hope you enjoy our web site. If you have any questions, feel free to email us any time or call.  Don't forget to watch for us in the shows.  We are located in the nation's capital region.

After being back to the cat fancy for about 4 years now as of 2008. Our dreamz have been coming true. First there was the great addition of the famous GC. LAKE HYCO BROWN THRASHER of DREAMZ, to our breeding program. He would join the Royal Queen, GC.PLAYWICKEY MEGGA RUSH of DREAMZ. Next there is our first Canadian Grand Champion the beautiful Carrier; GC.& Int.Ch. DREAMZ DREAMY DAHLIAS and Int.Ch. DREAMZ DREAM QUEEN [Grand Pointed].
We can't forget the beautiful Ch. DREAMZ RASPBERRY ROSE of KINGDOM KATZ [CFA Grand Pointed], thanks for a wonderful job Allyison.
Now if that wasn't enough and on to the next level the addition of the rare treasure; JUDE ROCK THE LINE of DREAMZ,a beautiful Chocolate lynx point. 
He is also a total outcross to Thrasher, bringing our breeding program to the next level in the years to come. Well it's been a great year to be so proud 
of already, a great thanks to everyone who helped the DREAMZ COME TRUE.



Well here we are in 2017 now and changes are in the air. First DREAMZ is starting a Bicolor and Smoke range of colors in Chocolate and Lilac. Next as many of you may or may not know l'm the HIMALAYAN & NON POINTED HIMALAYAN BREED SECRETARY IN THE CCA in CANADA. Well l was asked to get the members to vote on 3 new color classes in the CCA for championship statues. Also l'm breeding in the Bicolor and Smoke range now so this would also benefit DREAMZ as well as many Canadian breeders. So l prepared 3 ballots for the CCA members to vote on the SMOKE POINTED HIMALAYANS, the BICOLOR POINTED HIMALAYANS, and the BICOLOR & CALICO NON POINTED HIMALAYANS. So the votes went out by Nov., 2016 and by mid Dec., the vote came back all members but one voted yes in all 3 color classes. Now the 3 new classes were accepted by the members next the BOD had to determine when and how to place these new colors in, which would be for the new show season in mid 2017. So now the CCA is coming into a new age, and this truly was an historical vote not to be forgotten. Watch for the new colors coming into Canadian show halls.


Nous sommes nouvellement de retour dans le monde des chats après avoir été absent pendant 10 ans. Cependant j'ai toujours été entouré d’himalayen depuis environ l’âge de 14 ans, ce qui m'a permis d’être en contact avec plusieurs grands éleveurs du passé et du présent.

Deux de ces éleveurs m’ont beaucoup aidés lorsque j’ai fait mon entrée dans le monde félin. Lorsque je suis revenue dans l’élevage, notre chère Margaret Gadouas, propriétaire de la chatterie Dahlias ainsi que grande tante de mon mari Ben est devenue notre grand mentor. Par ailleurs, nous avons aussi une autre grand mentor et amie qui est Diane Castor propriétaire de la chatterie Playwickey. Nous devons beaucoup à ces deux grands éleveurs pour leur conseil, leur amitié et dévotion.

Nous travaillons avec de grandes lignées dans les couleurs traditionnelles de l’himalayens combiné avec les meilleures lignées de chocolat / lilas que nous connaissons.  Notre résultat final sera de très rare lynx point avec un type de qualité d’exposition.

En combinant de grande lignées comme Playwickey, Lake Hyco, Catta, Demiara et Jolee, devrait nous permettre de produire des couleurs plus rares comme chocolat lynx point, chocolat tortie lynx points, lilas lynx points, et lilas crème lynx points dans les quelles nous voulons nous spécialiser. Les facteurs que nous considérons dans nos lignées sont une superbe fourrure, un beau type, de bonne disposition et les gènes que nous pouvons utiliser dans notre programme d’élevage spécial.

Nous espérons que vous apprécierez votre visite sur notre site web, si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter par email ou par téléphone.  Surveillez-nous dans les halls d’exposition!  Nous sommes situés dans région de la capitale nationale.


Lynn & Ben Seguin
Ontario, Canada


Email: benlynn20012000@yahoo.ca

GC. Lake Hyco's Brown Thrasher
CFA's Best Chocolate Persian 2000-2001


Sorry no stud service // Désolé pas de service d'accouplement



Email: benlynn20012000@yahoo.ca

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