From Sue & Kerry Williams
Of Scaatycat cattery.

Lynn and Benn... I cannot even begin the say how absolutely perfect Avi is! 
We love this little guy. He is the most precious little man. He adores my husband, and he has become the 'housemouse'. He follows Kerry everywhere. He is gentle and so very sweet natured.
He has become our buddy.
He loves to be groomed, and he is a little 'show-off' after his bath.
He gets his feelings easily hurt when he is ignored, and he forgives everyone. He never holds a grudge and he has a terrific sense of humour.
He did take a dislike to feathers.. try to figure that one out!! LOL! He would rather play with stick end of the feather teaser, than the feather! LOL! It took awhile, but now he figures they must be good for something. He loves his peacock feather.
I see Avatar as, one of the greatest male kittens we have ever owned... THANK YOU!!
He is a true blessing.

Good luck with your babies.

Sue and Kerry


D.O.B. - Aug. 27, 2008
Flame point Male
  Sire: GC. Lake Hyco Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Dam: CH.Catta s Blue Dahlias of Dreamz

This little boy is so wonderful always running here and there. He is such a wonderful bonceing 
snowball of joy, watching him is a prue pleasure. 
Sunshine will give any family a great love, and a ray of sunshine in there home. 
Sunshine is going as a pet to the right family.


I would like to thank you for allowing Sunshine to become part of our family. He is a beautiful and affectionate cat who was well taken care of before coming to our home. It is evident you spent a great deal of time with Sunny as he is a real 'people cat' and has such a wonderful personality. I wish you success in all your future endeavors.

Love Beth :)



Sire: Int.Ch.Lake Hyco s Perpetual Motion
Dam: GC. Playwickey s Megga Rush of Dreamz

For a beautiful Testimonial on Rosey place check the following web page on the KingdomKatz, Queen page; http://www.kingdomkatz.com. Thank you so much Allyson


D.O.B.- Mar., 23,  07
Seal Point Male
Sire: Int.Ch.Lake Hyco s Perpetual Motion
Dam: Prairiecat Cabernet of Dreamz

RASCAL, the name was well chosen, he is the rascal everybody loves, 
gets along with all the other animals in the house remember that we also
have 2 other cats and two large dogs. he seems to take some habits from the dogs, 
he sleeps where they sleep, drinks their water and exibits 
a lot of their calm nature.he is not a lap cat but loves to be petted, 
he will seek you out when the need arises. he is very gentle, loves to have
his face washed and hates to have his belly brushed.
he will wake you in the morning by sharing your pillow with you and touching your face
with his teddybear front feet .he will sit on the desk next to the computer, 
as he is now and help you with your letters and typing skills.
but best of all he will everyday, without fail, make your heart smile.
The Rocheleaus in Windsor




D.O.B.- May 12, 2008
Seal point Female Carrier
 Sire: GC. Lake Hyco s Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Dam:GC. Playwickey s Megga Rush of Dreamz

Dear Lynn,

Just wanted to update you on our little angel Jade. Well, first she is a beauty to behold, and so loving and sweet. She is quite the biscuit maker and she cuddles in my lap and arms every chance she gets. She has made best friends with my black cpc girl and they are truly inseparable, as they sleep side by side each night in the velvet bed I bought for Jade's arrival. She is so wonderful and I am so honored to love her and have her. Lynn I cannot thank you enough for this precious baby, and how kind you have been. 

It has been such a pleasure to work with you as you are so helpful, organized, and so professional, but most of all very kind and caring. So thank you for everything Lynn, you are so rare in the cat world, as you must know, and we are fortunate to have someone like you to represent such integrity and what a great example you set for others as well. 

I will be showing Jade in January at the Del Mar Show in San Diego in CA. I will be sending you updated pictures and show results as I continue to show her through the season. I am so fortunate and proud to show her and I will make every effort to grand her as she deserves. Her registered name is "Jade My Jewel of Fur De Lys", hope you like it. Wish us luck...

Wishing you and your family wonderful Holidays and I'll be in touch in the New Year.

Kind Regards,
Shawni Hanson




D.O.B. - May, 27, 2008
Black cpc  / Carrier Male  
Sire: GC. Lake Hyco s Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Dam: Prairiecat Cabernet of Dreamz

hi lynn zorro is doing great. he's totaling showing us our place. he is a little romeo lynn .
i can't believe the kisses he gives AND ONLY TO WOMAN. he's a blast .
follows me even to the bathroom and waits i can go on and on . 
no concerns here. pics soon lynn i sure understand your missing him you can't not love him. 
so far he owns the lazy boy , coffee table, pretty much everything .
he's playing all the time he gives me only kisses and is stans buddy zorro sleeps on his
head and go to bathroom together and snacks all together they are a team it's so so fun watching him.



D.O.B. Sept., 25, 2007
Sire: GC. Lake Hyco s Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Dam: Dreamz Dream Catcher



D.O.B.- Sept. 02, 07
Blue Tabby Male C.P.C. / Carrier
Sire: GC. Lake Hyco s Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Dam: GC. Playwickey s Megga Rush of Dreamz

Hi Lynn,They are both doing very well and have been a joy to me.
I have never had cats with such wonderful personalities. Everyone just loves them. 
I saw the two kittens on your website under "Available" and just fell in love with Ginger Snap. 
What a beautiful kitten! Are you expecting any new litters
in the near future?I hope this email finds you and Ben doing well and preparing for summer. 
Doug Hodgins
North Bay, Ontario



D.O.B.- Sept. 02, 07
Tortie C.P.C. Female Carrier
Sire: GC. Lake Hyco s Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Dam: GC. Playwickey s Megga Rush of Dreamz

For a wonderful check out the following web page on the Silver Palms web site;



D.O.B. Sept., 25, 2007
Sire: GC. Lake Hyco s Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Dam: Dreamz Dream Catcher

Dear Lynn,

Thanks for Coco she's a wonderful kitten. Her temperment is the greatest. 
I never have own a cat that was so affectionate and loveable. She's like a dog , she comes when you call her full speed ahead and follows you everywhere. 
Having you ship her was a breeze, everything was ready for us and the flight was right on time. 
We had no problems picking her up, we signed papers and that was it and off we went with our bundle of joy.
 Coco is awesome cat .
Love Teresa and Glenn Highman




D.O.B.- July, 15, 2008
Seal Lynx Point Male [possible Carrier]
 Sire: Jodens Dolls Cognac of Dreamz
Dam: CH Dreamz Dream Maker

We could not be more thrilled with our new baby boy Zodiac. We named him Mickey, and he is simply adorable - - perfect little nose and mouth, sweet little face and the most stunning blue eyes we have ever seen. Mickey is the most loving and affectionate fur baby one could ever want. He is also full of energy with the curiously and playfulness that makes kittens so loveable. We could not be more in love with this little fellow, and we are so happy that Mickey has joined our family. 
When our oldest Himalayan Maco passed away, I started looking at kittens on web sites and I instantly fell in love with Mickey. Since you are located in Canada and we live in Virginia, however, I thought it would be impossible to adopt Mickey. Boy am I glad that I emailed you! You thoroughly and diligently handled each and every detail (pre-travel veterinary visit, airline, customs, and weather) to make sure that Mickey's trip from Canada to Virginia was flawless. 
I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for the healthiest and most well adjusted kittens with the highest standards. I have never known a breeder to provide such tender loving care to each and every kitten and we see the fruit of your labor of love every day in Mickey. Mickey was well-adjusted on day one, even after the long trip from Canada. Once at home, he immediately rolled over on his back for a tummy rub, as though he had always been a member of our family. He has the sweetest disposition and has bonded so well with our other two Himalayan kitties. 
Lynn, thank you again for everything - - for your emails, kindness and complete attention to detail. If we ever decide to expand our family, we will absolutely be back! 
Warmest regards, 
Kimberly Moore 
McLean, Virginia 



D.O.B. Sept., 25, 2007
Cream Lynx Point Male CARRIER
Sire: GC. Lake Hyco s Brown Thrasher of Dreamz
Dam: Dreamz Dream Catcher

Bonjour Lynn!
Cream puff a un caractère exceptionnel. Il est beau, gentil, doux, affectueux, calme et en plus il nous fait des massages dans le cou. Quoi demander mieux!!! Nous sommes très fiers de notre gros bébé. Ma fille l'adore. Nous voulons te remercie pour nous l'avoir confier. J'attends avec impatience une belle femelle chocolat pour lui... Un éleveur aussi consciencieux et sans aucune maladie est rare. Je suis prête à attendre le temps nécessaire pour avoir d'autres chats de toi. Encore un gros merci pour ta confiance et toute l'aide que tu me donne en me conseillant pour ma chatterie.

Mélanie Bilodeau
Chatterie du manoir



Anticipating the arrival of Dreamz 'Trooper' was a variety of emotionsfor us. From being patient for the plane to arrive, giving him his first kisses, to hearing his sweet voice in the form of a meow & purring, survival for us was tough.

He is "ALL THAT" & then some. Gorgeous eyes, dazlling personality, his coat color is beautiful, and we fell head over heels in love with him.

He not only is an asset to our breeding program , but his zest for life has brought many a laugh since his arrival. 

Heart felt lifetime 'THANK-You's" seem so small when we recieved such a BIG package. Now 
Fleeetwood, aka Trooper he will rouch many lives with happiness when he sires.

Cleghorn Paws 



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