GC. Lake Hyco's Brown Thrasher
CFA's Best Chocolate Persian 2000-2001

Int.CH.DREAMZ DREAM QUEEN; aka "Queenie"
Tortie Lynx Point Carrier


This is the topic l knew very little about until recently. When l discovered l had produced one in my last litter to my girl Int.Ch.Dreamz Dream Queen a Tortie Lynx point Carrier bred to GrC. Lake Hyco Brown Thrasher of Dreamz as everyone knows a solid Chocolate. This litter brought forth a Chocolate point male, a Chocolate Tortie Lynx point and a great shock a Flame point that is genetically homozygous for the chocolate gene, but because he was a flame point you couldn't tell that he was a chocolate. It is the same as a White masking gene.

Now isn't that a little confusing in other words a Chocolate masked by Red or l like to call him a Red Chocolate for short. So this boy's DNA is ; bb aa Dd. l never seen this before and l was in shock wouldn't any breeder just coming in contact with this situation be. Some breeders believe wrongly, in my opinon that such a kitten should never be used in a Breeding program and fixed and petted out. Why would you do that, yes a breeder should be even more careful on which breeding program a cat like this would end up in. You for sure would not put him in a Red / Cream breeding program. A cat like this should be very carefully placed in a Chocolate program with his future mate being either a Visual or a Carrier. ln my case l had already taken a deposit on him to go into a Red / Cream program before the DNA came back. And yes once l found out this boy's secret the sale was cancealed and l explained to the breeder who wanted him why he wasn't right for her program. She agreed to wait for another baby to match her program. This is what a responable breeder would do. l agree that if there isn't a proper breeding program advailable then one must pet these Red Chocolates out.
You would simply breed him to a chocolate carrying or chocolate female to get more chocolates. No registry would have any problem registering chocolates/lilacs out of him. You would register such a cat as a Flame point and show him as such. The main thing to remember is that; TYPE ALWAYS COMES FIRST THEN THE COLOR. If the type is on one of these Red Chocolates then why, oh why would you waste it. l can't understand why any breeder would find these Red Chocolates as something to hide or be ashamed of or something to pet out. 

We live in a world today that the modern cat breeder has the great tools on hand, the biggest of which is DNA testing. This tool is the greatest thing not to be over look or pasted by, the breeder that does is a bigger fool then they realize. l test every kitten that we are going to either place in a breeding program or use in our breeding program. The advantages are great, DNA helps to find if a cat is a Visual or a Carrier of Chocolate / Lilac, helps to see is a cat carries dilute or the point gene, and yes to identify Red Chocolates. Yes l agree these test can be costly however l think what you get back far out wiegh the price. So today now with DNA testing Red Chocolates are very eazly identified therefore l see no problem or reason why any breeder would be afriad of these. As l always make clear, type does come first and color second, or it should be such. 

It is very clear here a breeder must be honest and state these for what they are, you can see how a bad breeder that wouldn't care, truely could cause alot of pian and problems. l even heard some breeders limiting the amount of red they use in thier breeding program why unless you don't like reds. Sorry as for me don't see that happening any time soon. l love the red factor it gives me great Chocolate Tortie Lynxs, and hopefully some great Lilac Cream Lynxs. Most of my cats are Tortie Lynx Carriers or Blue Cream Lynx Carriers and l breed usually to a Visual Chocolate. These breeding give me my best results, and some great Chocolate Tortie Lynx points. l'm not saying that a breeder should go out of thier way to produce Red Chocolates but if it happens and it has great type, there is no reason if the type is there to over react and pet it out.

Seeing this is a very unusual situation this boy could only go into a Chocolate breeding program, and we have selected one of the best in the world to make best use of this rare treasure. He will be shown on the Canadian show circut, and both Sue Willams and l believe he will do very well. Please for full information on Red Chocolates visit our Red Chocolate page on this topic. And for future up dates on this beauty check both our site and our friends at SCAATYCAT cattery. Sue was the one that picked out his beautiful name DREAMZ AVATAR OF SCAATYCAT. For further info on this great boy's progress please check out our friend's site at; http://www.freewebs.com/scaatycat/index.htm 



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